Jarred & Displaced II

After becoming father separation anxiety to Relander's childhood absorbed him into this project. Now, for three years Relander has been revisiting his childhood environments to "capture" them into this collection. Most environments are from where he grew up, in the countryside in the south of Finland, where his roots still lie. As a container for the environments, Relander used jar bottles produced by the food industry.

All works are intentional double exposures shot in-camera on a DSLR (Nikon D800E)—this project was not created or layered in an external software. Images are not put into physical jars (as is misunderstood sometimes), only blended into one photograph.

Jarred & Displaced is an ongoing project, this is a second installment, previously published here.

Limited edition prints are available on request. Pigment prints on German Etching paper (310g).
Available in three sizes; small, medium and large. Available for world-wide shipping.


Project featured in including: Colossal, PetaPixel, Fotofaka, Design You Trust, My Modern Met, Journal du Design, DeMilked, LOG, Behancé, Soha, Bored Panda, Collater, Sohu, Freeyork, Rated Modern Art, Behancé, Klonblog, GPI Design, The Quebec Telegram, CNU, Doba, Adobe Photoshop, Feel Desain, Cooph, …