Villages crumbling down, large extensions of wild abandoned land, old people getting older and no children to take their place. An entire region doomed to disappear—so might think the unknowing.

But the Miranda Plateau, a forgotten nook in Northeastern Portugal, is booming with life: it is a biodiversity heaven and home to a rich culture, endangered but still alive, built on centuries of communities and nature coexisting harmoniously. Together, they’ve molded the landscape. Together, they are the landscape.

The Plateau, and all the life it bears, will not vanish into thin air. They are perpetuated on its mountains and fields, on the memories of those who still craft it, on the work projects that refuse to let it be forgotten. And the work that you are about to see will grant them a new, universal, nomad life. You are its first seedling.
-Teresa Nova, AEPGA

Technical note: As in my previous work I have intentionally multiple exposed this series of images in-camera (D800E), without alteration/layering in external software such as Photoshop. The reason why is simply because I enjoy this process—taking the creative challenge while actually out on the field.

In collaboration with non profit organization AEPGA & Palombar
Camera gear sponsored by Nikon