New multiple exposure portraits

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Here’s some of my latest portraits from ongoing We Are Nature project.

Full project: WAT IV


Autumn Self Portrait, double exposure


Satu, double exposure


Early Midsummer, double exposure



Cinderella, triple exposure


Albin, double exposure

an Autumn Evening, quadro exposure


Oxy, quadro exposure


Rowan Berry II, quadro exposure

on camera display

On camera display


Previously: We Are Nature Vol. I, Vol. II & Vol. III

New project: We Are Nature Vol. III

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bark troll apple arboreal perfumeII


For full project and description go here!

New Scientist Cover

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new scientist - dizi

I’m stoked to have my work on the cover of  New Scientist.

Portraiture of a hardcore punkrock singer

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Yesterdays result of triple exposing a hardcore punkrock singer.

The layering were done while shooting in camera, as the rest of my personal work.

Summer is almost here which brings productivity and opens lots of possibilities using this specific technique.

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